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We provide core activation assessments in Vancouver BC

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We also help employers find potential unproductive worksite health & safety issues

Are you looking for expert advice and opinion regarding physical and functional work tolerance, life care planning, job demand analysis or desktop ergonomics?

Have you sustained a back or neck injury?
Have you been in a motor vehicle accident?
Do you know someone who has been injured at work or from a motor vehicle accident and is unable or having difficulty returning to work?
Are you having difficulty maintaining your home because of chronic pain?
Do you have difficulty being active and engaging in pre-injury or illness social pastimes and recreational pursuits?


For your core activation needs contact Bruce at 604-312-7622

Work Site Job Demand Analysis

Are you a legal counsel or medical professional looking for reliable details of specific occupations?

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Occupational Specific Testing

Meet physical tolerance standards and stay up to date with the National Labour Market occupational descriptor profile for your employees.

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Functional Capacity & Tolerance Assessments

The science of measuring fine motor control and dexterity demands. Let us help meet your expectations.

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Our team is certified and come with over 25 years of experience. Call Bruce at 604-312-7622 for your core activation needs.

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