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GSO Health is run by Mr. Bruce Hunt, BPE, CEP, Rkin, CWCE.

Bruce Hunt graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1990 from the school of Physical Education with a degree in Exercise Science and acquired certification as a Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (PFLC).

He is a certified Vernova (formally Arcon) Clinician and Clinical Instructor and Matheson Certified Work Capacity Evaluator. He received accreditation from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists as a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP). Mr. Hunt successfully completed the Matheson Work Capacity Evaluator residency program and Matheson Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluation workshop and Life Care Planning course. He is a registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiology.

Employment history includes Vocational Functional Evaluator with the Workers Compensation Board of BC. He has worked in the Health Care industry managing Workers Compensation Board claims and appeals as well as coordinated return to work, worksite wellness, early intervention rehabilitation, and case management programs.

He currently authors industry, insurance, and medico-legal work capacity evaluations, life care planning, and worksite safety, job demand, and ergonomic analysis reports. He has provided these services to various healthcare providers, insurance companies, private businesses, and independent organizations. Mr. Hunt has qualified as an expert witness for the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the field of work-related physical and functional testing and job demand analysis.

He has analyzed and documented the occupational demands of numerous sedentary, light, medium, and heavy labor-intensive occupations throughout the professional, healthcare, industry, and industrial trades sectors. This includes multiple worksites and desktop workstations as well as paramedical environments of ambulances, helicopters, jets, and airplanes. Worksite analysis has involved review and recommendations on workflow, physical structures, and protective / safety equipment and clothing.

Mr. Hunt has physically assessed over 5000 individuals during 16 years of occupational health consulting. He has provided independent functional evaluation, job demand/safety risk, and ergonomic analysis services in the greater Vancouver region since 1995, and has completed over 2000 functional assessments, either stand-alone reports or, in conjunction with various medical specialists.

Mr. Hunt’s clinical background includes injury assessment and sports first aid, health consulting, fitness testing, one-to-one training, injury activation, and specialized physical rehabilitation and sports conditioning. He has evaluated and trained national and international level athletes. He conducts over 100 post-hire pre-placement screens and return to work functional assessments yearly and administers numerous executive medical paramedical test protocols and services in conjunction with various medical specialists.

Mr. Hunt is affiliated with numerous health professionals and is an associate with Occupation Mental Health Specialist Services. These include occupational medicine, psychiatry, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. Affiliated services are available through the provider network.

In brief, Mr.Hunt has provided occupational health and functional evaluation services in the greater Vancouver region since 1996 and has been working as an independent occupational health consultant for the last ten years. He has qualified as a witness for the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the field of work-related physical and functional testing and job demand analysis.

A photograph of mr. bruce hunt the owner of GSO Health Occupational Therapy in Vancouver BC canada.