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Worksite and Desktop Ergonomic Assessments

Worksite & desktop ergonomic assessments involve review and analysis of the individual’s interactions within the workstation through the application of ergonomic and biomechanical principles. Various tools and equipment are utilized to measure and record angles, positioning, reach, repetition, duration, load, and force. These ergonomic worksite assessments require 1 hour to 4 hours of observation and approximately 2 to 4 hours to research accessories/aides/equipment and write the report. The assessment includes immediate feedback, advice, and knowledge regarding pacing, positioning, stretches, and repositioning and/or adjustment of the workstation, chair, or desktop.

The report details and identifies overuse/repetitions / poor posture and static positioning contributing to myofascial strain and provides recommendations usually involving a chair, keyboard, monitor, mouse, and keyboard tray. This type of report is generally requested by an employer who has identified production/output decline or had complaints from an employee regarding neck, shoulder, back, or arm pain. The reports are written for the employee as well as the employer or the referral ie ICBC / private firm/lawyer.